Two Poems

the past

I got into the Jacuzzi
with two women
they looked like they had been around the block a few times.
They chatted away and i pretended not to listen.
They touched me with their toes
and flirted with me a bit.
They started to talk about their plumbing problems
then the one who looked like she had been a stunner twenty years ago
turned to me and asked
“Are you a plumber?”
“Well i have looked up some holes but nothing professionally.”
They burst out laughing but asked me no more questions.
One turned to the other and said.
“You weren’t expecting an answer like that.”
I left them in there and ten minutes later they were flirting with another couple of guys.
Oh what bliss to live in the past

Monday Morning

I watched the man as he pulled up his trousers at the middle
so the  immaculate creases would run straight down to his polished shoes.
Earlier i had looked at his fresh socks, pulled all the way up past he ankle.
The green letters on the black socks said.
I had to think about it for a while

I am lucky if i can find two socks that are the same  color.
I almost want to see him tomorrow
just to check
but i know i don’t need to.
Because I am sure
socks will say   ???????????

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