Volume 10


Your purchase of this washing machine means that you have joined an elite club; a consumer with an eye for quality; who understands the value of a dollar; who won’t be taken in by smooth sales pitches, timeshare alarm clock offers, ab-strengthening devices, cheap lakefront land, commemorative coins; who believes in the use of trucks for hauling timber or larger loads; who doesn’t skimp on quality dress shirts; who drinks craft beer, domestic economy beer, imported beer, small-batch and large batch whiskey; sometimes simultaneously; chef; specialist in orchid management; day-trader; financial planner.

DR Unabridged Guide to Goods & Services: {Indicate fresh, raw or unprocessed} chives — Andrew Wasson / Douglas Bennett
Cool Ranch Doritos — Matt Diamond
is this and yes: The Nostalgic Urge in My Bloody Valentine — Steve Wright
Woodcuts — Loren Kantor
Two Poems — Marc Carver
DR Unabridged Guide to Goods & Services: Fruits  — Andrew Wasson / Douglas Bennett / Ari Berenbaum
Classifieds — Kellen Smith / Jordan Haywood / John Crouch

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