Volume 7: The Unbiased History Of…

This is amazing.

Not only can we announce that a brand new issue of Dairy River is available online (Issue 7 — The Unbiased History Of…) but I can also announce that we: (1) convinced Carnival Cruise Lines to christen a new cruise ship as the SS Dairy River, (2) signed a deal with LensCrafters for Takery to be the official LensCrafters spokesman, (3) brokered a joint-venture between Carnival Cruise Lines and LensCrafters to open a series of buffet restaurants in South Jersey; and (4) convinced a series of buffet restaurants to broker a cruise ship with Takery as the joint-venture.  Wow!

Publication Date: July 26, 2009

An Unbiased History of Deleted Scenes

“Birdseed Shirt” by Deleted Scenes is a fantastic record.  Period.  Thoughtful and creative arrangements, solid songwriting, catchy as hell, it’s really just spot on.  DR caught up with Deleted Scenes a few months ago at Webster Hall.  This is a real interview.

An Unbiased History of My Awesome Musical Taste

–Steve Wright
Have you ever been asked (or asked someone): do you like music?  Who says no?  Why ask that question?  But some of us, for some reason, take it to the next level.  Driven.  Obsessed.  Addicted.  Awesome.  Or is it everyone? Describe the circumstances behind buying your first Pavement record?

An Unbiased History of Nomadology

–Ari Berenbaum
Awake ye nomads!  View the desert before you.  Has it not changed since the last time you saw it?  But is it still not your own?  Awake ye nomads!  View the Residence Inn before you.  Has it not changed since the last time you saw it?  But is it still not your own?  Discuss.

An Unbiased History of Benjamin Franklin

–Matt Diamond
After an exhaustive campaign of research, including viewing first-hand never-seen-before primary material in Boston, Philadelphia and Paris, Matt Diamond synthesizes an even-handed and insightful account of our first president, Benjamin Franklin.

An Unbiased History of Dairy River

Believe it or not, Dairy River has been around for 3 years now.  Takery volunteered to contribute something that would accurately document our humble beginnings up through our current glorious enterprise.

An Unbiased History of the Cul-de-Sac

–Andrew Wasson
There have been reports that New Pioneers on the frontier have encountered one form in such abundance that they are hard-pressed to call it a coincidence.  We subsequently learned that it was called a “cul de sac.” Judging from its numbers, it must be associated with some utility.   Or is it? We set out to record its unbiased history.

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