Volume 3: The Best Of…

Publication Date: January 5, 2007

Taco Hat

–Matt Diamond

The Best Of…

–Andrew Wasson
A day in the life of Takery as corporate consultant byline Takery’s upstate chalet.

Top 10 Smells

–Doug Bennett
DSB ranks the top 10 smells of the last week and grades them according to a new system of smell benchmarks.

Off the List: Why I Avoid the Top Ten

–Alison Fields
Point – Counterpoint. In one paragraph, Fields sums up rock and roll as we know it AND uses the word asshat.

Top Ten Quotes From Recent Top Ten Lists

–Steve Wright
Steve Wright chronicles that subset of top 10 lists that never make it to publication and then publishes them.

Top 10 Months of the Past 12 Months

–John Caruso
Caruso ranks months of the past year based on the content of news stories occuring during those months that included the words “dairy” and “river.”

Top 5 Doug Stuber Poem’s of 2006

Takery selects his favorite poems of North Carolina poet Doug Stuber.

Top 9 Failed Attempts at Producing a Top 10 List for Dairy River 2007 Winter Edition

–John Crouch
I think the title is pretty self-explanatory. Or maybe I’m getting lazy typing these summaries.

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