Volume 5

There’s the week, the weekend, and the new-look Dairy River.  But with all the insightful political commentary and economic analysis that you love.  We’re talking extensive and continuous economic analysis.

Publication Date: November 8, 2008

Skateboarders as Philosophers of Immanence

–Ari Berenbaum
The concept of immanence is much more complicated than you thought. Skateboarding is much more difficult than it looks. Berenbaum seamlessly weaves the two together in this piece.

Ellen and Ben in an Italian Restaurant

–Matt Diamond
Ever think about what your kids will say about your record collection? Matt’s article is much harsher on Billy Joel than I think anyone intends.

Regurgitating Wayfarers

–Steve Wright
Ever think about what your kids will think about your thrift store softball t-shirts and the long-sleeve wolf t-shirt you bought from Roses in University Mall?  Stevo examines the strange resurgence of wayfarer sunglasses.

Street Names

–Andrew Wasson
FYI — the suburbs were not birthed by this nation fully-formed sprawling and rustic.  Maybe more like a homunculus.  Who named your street?

Pave Jersey!

–Doug Bennett
Part of the Center for Paving Jersey’s Institute for Paved Jersey Studies effort for transparency.   Minutes from recent meeting.

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