Hotel Toiletries: Untapped Profit Potential

–Douglas Bennett

Our Mission

To make lots of money blending, repackaging, and reselling shampoo, conditioner, and lotions obtained from the hotels around the world

Core Values

  1. Cleanliness
  2. Efficiency
  3. Value


  1. Purchase (at a very low cost) unused or “gently” used miniature shampoos, conditioners, lotions, and mouthwash from hotel guests. Advertise on sites like Craig’s List, Local Classifieds, or with posters inside hotels. Hotel guests will make money from something that was free to them.
  2. Each bottle is carefully sorted and cataloged (country, state, city).
  3. Based on demand and supply, blends are designed (e.g. “The Boston Shampoo Blend” or “United States of America”).
  4. Based on the blend desired, the appropriate amounts of raw materials are gathered. For example, The Boston Shampoo Blend requires at least 50% of the raw material to be from Boston and 80% of the raw material to be shampoo. Unlike the United States Blend which has no such parameters.
  5. We then extract shampoo, conditioner, etc… (a.k.a the raw materials) from each bottle and process using our secret filtering (brita) technology.
  6. The mini plastic bottles are melted down to create bigger, fancier, bottles.
  7. After filtering and blending the raw material is pumped into the newly molded bigger fancier bottles.
  8. These new shampoo blends can be found at a supermarket, drugstore, or street corner near you.

Target Audience

Anyone with hair or skin who seeks to relive a recent vacation or simply has never been to Boston and want to know what it’s like.

Marketing Message

For buying our raw materials

Where Gold Kit meets Paul Mitchell. Turn those old sticky gross hotel shampoos into cold hard cash!”

= $$$

For selling our end product

Smell, taste, and feel like you are in New York City for only slightly more than an expensive bottle of shampoo but much less than the actual trip.”

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