Volume 11


Syllabus for Hosp. 241: SOUNDS

Course information:
Rm. 311, Lockwood Hall, New Atlantic College
6:00 PM Thursday
Instructor: Edmind St. John
Contact information:
Relaxation Tapes, 88 Industrial Ave., Boynton Beach, FL
Office Hours: Mon.-Fri., 9-5.
Email: dairyriver[at]gmail.com

Course Description: This course is a survey on the topic of sounds. You’ve probably heard of sounds before but haven’t really learned all of the details. In this course, we will be concerned with forming coherent answers to the following questions. What is a sound? What is the relationship between sound and image? Can dissection and recombination of sounds and images lead to meaning? Do sounds have meaning in and of themselves? How do sounds acquire meaning? Is meaning different than connotation? How do sounds relate to other sounds? What is the relationship between sounds and (of?) music? At what point does a sound become language? At what point does language become sound? Define “foghorn.” What is “complex relaxation”? Who is the Silver Unvnrn, and how did he become Dean of this college? Is he a real unicorn, a person in a unicorn costume, a person nicknamed Silver Unvnrn, or all of the above? None of the above? What are big skis and how much longer (wider?) are they than regular skis? Course

Sound Journal (10%): Journal entry due each week accurately describing all sounds you heard during the period of one hour (preferably one waking hour). Externship Program (80%): You will gain practical work experience at South Florida’s premiere provider of relaxation products, manufacturing sounds, tapes, using Microsoft Office, administrative tasks (phones), running errands, should have basic familiarity with yacht maintenance and operation.

Required Texts:
Tammy T. Stone, The Sound of Art: Lonely Boy, Dairy River at 2 (Vol. 11, Dec. 2013).
Steve Wright, ‘Cross the Breeze: Sample-Oriented Music Past the Digital Event Horizon, Dairy River at 5 (Vol. 11, Dec. 2013).
Marc Carver, Ladies Please / One Legged Men’s, Dairy River at 7 (Vol. 11, Dec. 2013). Zachary Scott Hamilton, Scatterkiller, 007Dairy River at 7 (Vol. 11, Dec. 2013)
Andrew Wasson, The Rise and Fall of the Foghorn, Dairy River at 8 (Vol. 11, Dec. 2013). Matt Diamond, Famous if We Tried, Dairy River at 11 (Vol. 11, Dec. 2013).
Buzz Stein, Untitled, Dairy River at 12 (Vol. 11, Dec. 2013).
Tammy T. Stone, Five Rupee Poem, Dairy River at 13 (Vol. 11, Dec. 2013).
Advertisement for New Atlantic College (2013).

Font (in the print version): Generally, Linden Hill and League Gothic courtesy the League of Movable Type

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