28.Aug.2010 Follow Takery on Twitter

Takery (our editor-in-chief) has obtained a Twitter account.  He’ll be uploading/updating his whereabouts at a surprisingly frequent rate.  If you ever want to know what a giant half-rabbit/half-human entrepreneur/baker/banker is doing at any given moment, this is clearly your best option.


We’ve been having a problem with fake Twitter accounts.  You know this is the real account because it has “REAL” in its name.

We are busy working on our next issue.   It will probably be based in miscellany (i.e. not “lost arts”).

We have also re-committed to updating the website regularly with posts, snippets and convolutes.  They are not blogs.  Dairy River is not a blog.  As you already know, DR is not a dairy.

So I’m glad we’re on the same page.

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