14.Nov.2017 Andrea Court

Andrea Court is a short cul-de-sac in the Bonnie Crest neighborhood of New Rochelle.  It is named after Andrea Syracuse-Silverstein, the daughter of one of the developers, Richard M. Syracuse.

1947 Aerial View

The land that now occupies Andrea Court appears to have been just on the other side of the New York Westchester & Boston train tracks from Dickerman’s Hillandale Farm.  In 1930, it was held by the Victory Park Land & Improvement Company.  (Victory Park was the new name, after World War I, for Bonniecrest, an earlier development laid out by stock broker Evans R. Dick in the early 1900s.).


The land was eventually acquired by Syracuse Brothers, Inc., which was founded by three brothers (Richard, Joseph, and Donald) in 1953.  Syracuse Brothers developed the land around Andrea Court, as well as many other neighborhoods in New Rochelle.  Andrea Syracuse-Silverstein graciously confirmed that her father, Richard Syracuse, named the street after her.

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