11.Sep.2016 Aberfoyle Road

Aberfoyle Road is in the Highland Park neighborhood of New Rochelle.  It is named after the town of Aberfoyle, Scotland.


USGS Topographical Map (1995)


Highland Park under construction (USGS 1897)

Highland Park was developed by the Irish-born lawyer James A.S. Gregg.  In 1891, Gregg acquired eighty acres of the former Badeau farm, which sat on land overlooking what is now the lake in front of the high school.  The name “Highland” presumably harkens to the Scottish Highlands, a particularly picturesque and rugged region in northern Scotland.  The use of the suffix “Park,” no doubt was inspired by other suburban “park” developments like Llewellyn Park in West Orange, NJ (1855) and, closer to home, Rochelle Park (1885), which was a few miles south on North Avenue.

Aberfoyle is located in the “Trossachs,” a scenic district that was popularized by Sir Walter Scott’s literary works like Rob Roy and the Lady of the Lake.  In fact, it is said that Scott wrote Lady of the Lake while he stayed in Aberfoyle.

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