09.Feb.2014 Handbook: Industrial Parks; see also Mythologies

The mythologies of wine have been well-studied.  Barthes observed that “wine supports a varied mythology which does not trouble about contradictions.”   And while well varied and potentially contradicting, the myths in which wine are steeped are decidedly pastoral.  It “is the sap of the sun and the earth.”  So much so that wine channels the earth almost directly with the concept of terroir.  Literally, land.

On the other hand, the mythologies of the industrial park have been less well studied, although possibly just as varied and contradicting.  If wine is “the sap of the sun and the earth,” industrial parks are the sap of plastic orthodonture wholesale and auto glass repair.  They exist almost with the sole purpose to thwart sun and earth.  This deserves intense additional study.

Yet, despite (and perhaps, due to) the blunt opposition of connotations, a colony of wine tasting rooms thrives in several industrial parks just north of Seattle in Woodinville WA.  They are wildly successful.

See the following for evidence:

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