14.Jan.2014 G&S: {Indicate type of testers, e.g., voltage, amperage, telephone lines, continuity} testers.

Voltage TesterTesters versus meters: Testers and meters are not synonymous.  A tester determines presence or absence, while a meter determines quantity.  Thus, a voltage tester determines whether electric voltage is present in a circuit; a voltmeter quantifies how much.  Note then, that all voltmeters are testers, but not all voltage testers are voltmeters.

Voltage testers: Voltage testers include a sensible component to signal the presence of voltage.  In it’s simplest form, light (in fact, all electric lights are voltage testers on some level).  Many voltage testers also indicate voltage through sound.

Voltage tester mods:  After extensive searching, could only find one voltage tester hack.  Looking forward to the voltage tester that signals the presence of voltage through smell.  That is, a smell tester.  On the other hand, severe reservations about taste testers.

Taste testers:  Not to be confused with food tasters.  Web overflowing with advice on how to become a taste tester.  Compare the National Food Lab’s requirements: (1) liking to “eat food and drink beverages,” (2) liking to be “paid for your opinions,” and (3) living near Livermore, CA.

Testing and monitoring:  The following illustrates a mystery.  Two electricians were asked to: (1) test a circuit for voltage, and then (2) monitor the circuit for a ten minute period.  The first electrician has a digital watch that was found at the bottom of a cereal box, the second has an extremely sensitive timer.  The first electrician tests the circuit — the voltage tester beeps for a moment — and then he (or she) monitors the current for ten minutes.  The second electrician looks at his (or her) timer and protests!  “The first time you weren’t testing the circuit — you were monitoring it!”

Water “testers”:  AKA dowsing rods.  See also the universal antenna.

Testing the testers:  UL-610610-1 specifies safety requirements for “equipment which by electrical means tests, measures, indicates or records one or more electrical or non-electrical quantities.”



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