09.Dec.2013 Update

Why hello.

Volume 11:  SOUNDS.  This is themed to correspond with related content from the Wizzerds.  Their premiere is tonight, I’m lagging just a bit.  If everything goes according to plan it’ll be done by next weekend.  Submissions include articles about a 1962 Paul Anka documentary, a deep analysis of sampling, foghorns, dubbing, some poems, some artwork, and a song.  SOUNDS is such an amazing topic that we could devote every DR issue to sounds and not run out.  Ever.

But note the following.

And also the following.

Further, after Volume 11 comes out, we’ll be back doing Goods & Services again.  Helmets was surprisingly stale.  Next one up:  {Indicate type of testers, e.g., voltage, amperage, telephone lines, continuity} testers.


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