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21.Oct.2015 A Strip Mall Semeiotic

American philosopher Charles S. Peirce (pronounced “purse”) was an enigmatic figure.  On the one hand, his contemporaries acknowledged that he was a brilliant scholar.   Peirce not only created new schools of thought — he created entire disciplines.  But Peirce never achieved the type of success one would expect given his brilliance.  Instead, he spent […]

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20.Sep.2015 Arby’s, Spokane WA (8/23/2014)

The Arby’s sign shaped like a hat is an icon to the extent the sign represents a hat — but it is not an icon to the extent it represents Arby’s, because no Arby’s restaurant (to my knowledge) is shaped like a hat.  However, old Arby’s restaurant buildings, which were shaped like Conestoga wagons are icons […]

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20.Jun.2015 An Index of an Index

                        Index of an Index A study in meta-semiology New Rochelle, NY

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06.Dec.2014 DR Vol. 12: Multimedia Presentation

Wizzerds of Rhyme and yours truly (Gary River) are very proud to present: Try to find 10 examples of SIGNS that are not signs. #SIGNS.      

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19.Feb.2014 Gave Blood — Drew Smith

Skateboarding is as a tight a culture as exists.  The obligatory nod when skaters pass one another on the street, the instant recognition of a tail tapping the concrete, or the clack of the wheels rolling over the serrations of sidewalk is in every major metropolitan area worldwide.  The world itself is transformed into a […]

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