GNS: Fruits

{Indicate processed, canned, dried, or preserved} fruits

512px-La_BoqueriaMajor issue is obviously definitional.  There is a discrepancy (bordering on animosity) between the botanical definition (which relates to seed-bearing tissue) and the culinary definition (basically any plant matter that tastes sweet).  Many foods satisfy the botanical definition but not the culinary definition (e.g. tomatoes, cucumbers). Fewer foods satisfy the culinary definition but not the botanical definition (rhubarb apparently).

Deep structures of the persistent fascination with Nix v. Hedden, the Supreme Court case deeming tomatoes a vegetable.  Why does an 1893 Supreme Court case have a Facebook page with 152 likes?  On the one hand, it is appealing that the Supreme Court, in its august glory, would occupy itself with such a mundane topic.  It’s a classic Margaret Dumont bit.  On the other hand, the whole fascination with false taxonomies — the savory goodness of parallel discourses coming together into one icon.  Compare favorably Borges’ taxonomy of animals ostensibly found in the “Celestial Emporium of Benevolent Knowledge.”

Google Trends as an empirical method of determining the extent of definitional controversy:  Tomato and fruit / tomato and vegetable.  Notice how they are evenly matched.  Now consider apple and fruit / apple and vegetable.  “Apple and fruit” dominates “apple and vegetables.”  And rightly so.  But then we can also identify some other gray areas.  Cucumbers; squash; corn.

Required reading.  Cross-reference with forthcoming entry/entries on tomatoes.

Fruit moulds.  Not to be confused with mold on fruits.  Consider development of Takery and Silver Univnron fruit moulds.

Dole Pineapple Maze:  “The fastest finishers win a prize and enter into the history of Dole Plantation, with their names recorded on a sign at the maze’s entrance.”

Fruitarian diets:  How extreme you could take fruit only diet?  Empire apple only diet?  Perhaps each month or each year you take on a new type of food.  So over the course of a lifetime you’ll have a balanced diet but month by month it is only focused on a single food.  January 2013: banana.  February 2013: Milk.  March 2013: Salt.  And so forth.  Even when you eat a meal, each bite is going down at different intervals.  You are simply changing the interval at which you receive those bites in a much more orderly way.  Seem quite sensible when you break it down.


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