The Future of the Finer Things

–Doug Bennett

As we approach the future, current day finer things become more and more mainstream.  This is all part of the finer thing evolution (i.e. the finer thing lifecycle). What is at one time considered a luxury is eventually reproduced more cost effectively, mass distributed and passed down to the rest of society.  Then ultimately abandoned once after realizing it is not truly finer, becoming obsolete.  Once obsolete, it becomes quite desirable once again.  A common example is the horse and buggy – once available to only the richest, the predecessor to the automobile is now a rare and prized luxury that only the wealthy can afford.  See below for the complete life cycle description including some current day examples in each stage.

The Finer Thing Lifecycle (examples in each stage from 2010)

1.     Finer things – e.g. private airplanes (a current day finer thing – 5 years from being common)

2.     Common things – e.g. commercial airplanes (a common occurrence – 5 years from being less common)

3.     Less common things – e.g. trains (less common, but not finer yet – 5 years from being not available)

4.     Not available things – e.g. unicycles (except in rare circumstances, these are not available – 5 years from being finer)

5.     Finer things – e.g. hot air balloons (once common, now finer again – 5 years from being common)

To accurately predict the finer things of 2025, one must understand the common things of today.  The future of finer things will not be limited to mere products, but also experiences.  As I gaze into my crystal ball (a current day finer thing), I’ve listed out some current day common things that will be finer things in 2025.  The list below represents the “best of the future of finer things in 2025.”

Best of 2025 “finer things”

1.     A McDonalds’ quarter pounder with cheese

2.     One thousand dollar shopping spree at Wal-Mart

3.     A year of free bus or subway public transportation

4.     Fax machines

5.     Hats

6.     Sports

7.     Global warming and the environment

8.     Cats and dogs

9.     CK1 perfume for men and women

10.  The color blue

Buy or invest in now and wait 15 years –you’ll be glad you did.

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