Handbook for New Pioneers

The Handbook for New Pioneers is a field guide to allow individuals (“New Pioneers”) to navigate what we refer to as the “New Frontier.” We’ve used terms like “New Pioneer” and “New Frontier” roughly for about a decade. More recently, we tried to imbue these concepts with some additional analytical rigor. See Vers Une Pioneer, Dairy River (Volume 8, Feb. 2009). In its most basic sense, “A New Pioneer is an explorer of the built environment: its physical aspects, its infrastructure, and all the information that it generates or that is used therein.” The built environment and all of its related abstract components, we call the “New Frontier.” According to our analysis:

A New Pioneer stakes a claim in the frontier by understanding the deep structures of the environment, understanding the concepts used by the society that predominates, but malleably employing the these concepts in whatever way suits the New Pioneer, or adding new ones, to finally create an amalgam that is uniquely owned by the New Pioneer.

Thus, the idea behind the Handbook for New Pioneers is that it will assist the New Pioneer in staking a claim and navigating through the New Frontier by providing relevant information. The information provided therein will help the New Pioneer interpret, add to, and hopefully reconfigure aspects of the New Frontier.



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