Volume 2

Publication Date: October 31, 2006.

After the Gold Rush
–Andrew Wasson
One of the most subtly creepy songs on Neil Young’s subtly creepy After the Gold Rush record, Wasson explores the contours and origins of the song, its name, and 19- and 18- 60s California.

Banned Song Lyrics

–Steve Wright
Wright proposes a new entry for the Code of Federal Regulations. File under Dear FCC.

The Finer Things: Is the New Close Shave Actually in the Past?

–Doug Bennett
In the second installment of DSB’s Finer Things column, DSB examines the best that the shaving world has to offer for getting the closest shave possible. As always, money is no object. Keywords: badger, super-badger, best-badger.

The Law of Superlatives

–John Caruso
This is a landmark article. A motivating tenet and underlying basis for most Dairy River inquiries. Understand it with your brain.

On Loneliness

–Matt Diamond
A new concept to the Dairy River armentarium of concepts: the Group Instinct. Diamond explains how Group Instinct and Identity counterbalance each other in a delicate equilibrium and applies the concept to music.

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