Dairy River is a zine slash collective slash encyclopedia slash field guide focusing on detritus, ephemera, minutia, and miscellany.  We are particularly interested in the built environment, remnants of the industrial revolution, and the more obscure sociological aspects of our collective (musical) consciousness.

TAKERY is a human-sized rabbit, raised by wolves in the Ardennes Forest, sent to boarding school in England, baker by trade, banker by occupation, illustrator by necessity, consultant by choice, economist by day and patron-of-the-arts by night.  Takery is our Editor-in-chief.

Dairy River is run mainly from New Rochelle, NY and Chapel Hill, NC, with staunchly entrenched correspondents in Rochester, NY and Hartford, CT.

Chirton Favrie, Associate Editor
Edmund St. John, Associate Editor
Blaine Tinwoody, Associate Editor
E.P. Melmins, Secretary

Dairy River is currently accepting submissions for Volume 12 on a rolling basis.

Contact us at dairyriver [at] gmail.com.

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