A Letter of Introduction

Dear Southern Connecticut Homes and Cottages, Gourmet Food and Cuisine, Golf Journal, Long Island Business Journal, and Franchise Weekly,

Your magazine is my favorite magazine.  I was fascinated by your article about (1) the new spring styles for cocktail parties, (2) the use of creme fraische in appetizers, (3) how to solidify business relationships on and off the green, (4) how to dress to impress west coast clients, and (5) tanning salon franchising opportunities. I think that I am an excellent candidate four a personality spotlight.

Please find attached the following correspondence that highlights my enterprising nature:

(1) Letter from E.P. Melmins to Takery regarding possible franchising opportunities in Takery and Takery, Ltd.;

(2) Letter from Takery on behalf of Takery & Takery, Ltd. regarding franchising opportunities;

(3) Letter from Chirton Favrie regarding mentorship; and

(4) Powerpoint presentation by Takery regarding franchising opportunities.

Thanks — I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours truly,


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