21.Aug.2013 {Indicate type of filter, e.g., oil, gas, air} filters for motors and engines

micromachines“Motors and engines”:  The words are not synonymous.  Their meanings are hotly contested.  Each has its own cadre of supporters, staging simultaneous demonstrations, jubilant and intently oppositional, unfurling equally compelling banners, employing megaphones, bullhorns, trumpets, small drums, large drums.

 1A) The broadest sense — an “engine” is “something used to effect a purpose.”  Think catapult as a “siege engine.”  Versus broadest sense of “motor” — anything that provides motive force to an object.  So under these broadest senses, a gasoline engine is both an engine and motor.

1B) A slightly narrower sense — an “engine” is something that “creates its own power to do work” versus a motor which has power supplied to it.  So a gasoline engine is only an engine because it takes gasoline and creates its own power to do work.  Versus an electrical “motor” which takes electrical energy and uses that to do work.  Under this definition, engines and motors are totally distinct.

1C)  Then a series of definitions whereby “motor” is a subset of “engines” — an “engine” being — “a machine for converting any of various forms of energy into mechanical force and motion.”  Compared to a “motor” which converts electrical energy into force and motion.

1D) The words are synonymous.

“Filters for…”:  Less debate but still used with various degrees of breadth.

2A) A device used to separate one thing from another.  Strangely there are no “official” definitions to this effect.  Topic for further research, industrial filters and the Other.

2B) A more specific definition: “a porous article or mass (as of paper or sand) through which a gas or liquid is passed to separate out matter in suspension.”

Obvious applications:  The hierarchy of engines is something that we like to give a nod to….Consider filtering types of engines. For a car that has multiple engines.  It would need some sort of filter to determine which engine to use at any given time.  The same could apply for a filter of filters. Consider also a motor for filters.  Possibly used to increase the velocity by which something gets filtered.  Filters hooked up to anti-filters (blenders).

Slightly off topic:  “I hacked my brita to filter gallons of water at a time. I do this once a week and store the jug in the fridge. Works beautifully.”  See 5/16/12 post.



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