24.Jun.2013 GNS: {Indicate specific type, e.g., candy, serving} dishes

Part I: A Taxonomy of Dishes

General issues of definition: a more or less concave vessel from which food is served; the contents of a dish.  [note the semantic shift from vessel to contents].

Paper_plates_-_isolatedDish types

Chafing dishes
Jewelry dishes
Baking dishes
Butter dishes
Casseroles [dishes]
Crockery, namely, pots, dishes, drinking cups and saucers, bowls, serving bowls and trays
Dishes adapted for feeding babies and children
Glass dishes
Pet feeding dishes
Potpourri dishes
Potpourri dishes made in whole or in part of precious metal
Roasting dishes
Serving dishes
Shaving dishes
Soap dishes
Wall soap dishes

Laboratory dishes
Cell culture apparatus for laboratory use, namely, {specify items, e.g., cell culture dishes, tissue culture flasks, etc.}
Lockable petri dishes used in laboratory research
Petri dishes used in laboratory research
Kits used for selection of sperm, in the field of reproductive medicine, consisting primarily of specially coated petri dishes

Satellites and antennas
Dish antennas
Satellite dish covers
Satellite dishes
Satellite dishes for satellite transmissions

Butter-dish and cheese-dish covers
Decorative covers for satellite dishes
Dish covers
Insulated lids for plates and dishes

Dish washing machines
Dish washing machines for household purposes
Dish washing machines for industrial purposes
Dish washing machines featuring a wash arm for the wash cycle
Squeegees for dishes
Dish cloths
Electric dish dryers
Dish drying racks
Dish detergents
Dish disinfectant apparatus for industrial purposes

Electric food warmers in the nature of {specify type, e.g., dishes, portable household appliances, bowls, trays, etc.}
Chafing dish fuel

Cooked dishes

Dish stands
Stands for dishes
Racks and stands for elevating pet feeding bowls and dishes



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