06.Feb.2011 Advanced Superbowl Metrics

Taking a break from developing an intensive taxonomy of our built environment and trying to understand its place in early post-modern thought, we turn to the Superbowl.  For our entertainment we developed a set of advanced superbowl metrics.  Feel free to add your own and/or play along.


Score at 5 minutes to play in the first half

Color of the punters shoes

Whether anyone refers to THE ohio state university

Time the first field goal is kicked

Time the last field goal is kicked

Ratios of vowels to consonants in the first td scorers name

How many commercials show a train in some form

Number of minutes, real time, between end of 2q and kickoff at 3q

Number of times the ball is purposely kicked

Number of different guitars played during halftime show

Color of liquid dumped on coach

Fake field goal or Safety

Who has possession at 2 to play in the 3rd

Most prominent color in commentator ties

Total number of personal fouls

# of TD celebrations involving coordinated dance moves

We’ll update with our expert predictions just prior to gametime.

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