17.Dec.2017 Apple Tree Lane

Apple Tree Lane is located in the northern-most section of New Rochelle on the border of Scarsdale.  It is named after “Apple Tree Farm,” a farm that stood on the same spot.  We discussed the history of Apple Tree Farm fairly extensively in the post about Abbey Close.  Not surprisingly, the farm grew apples.  

Reproduced for ease of reference:

For a number of years in the early 1900s the farm was owned by Edward Clarkson (E.C.) Potter, Wall Street banker and deft polo player.  Potter was the son of famed architect Edward Tuckerman Potter (Mark Twain House, Hartford CT; Nott Memorial Building, Schenectady NY) and was married to the daughter of Theodore Havemeyer, sugar baron and the first president of the USGA.  So these were fancy folk.

But somehow Apple Tree Farm ended up in foreclosure.  It was acquired by Met Life in 1917 and resold with the intent “to divide the land into residence plots of four or five acres and upwards.”  New Rochelle Pioneer 8 (May 17, 1917).  The syndicate first carved off the 10 acres with the farmhouse and barns, which it sold to Allen Tobey (also a banker) in 1920.  Scarsdale Inquirer No. 48 (Oct. 8, 1920).

Apple Tree Lane was found at the southwest corner of the farm.  It was developed into houses in the mid 1960s.

1947 Aerial Map — note development of Scarsdale Downs.


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