16.Dec.2017 Antler Place

Antler Place is a street in the Forest Heights neighborhood of New Rochelle.  According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, an antler is “one of the paired deciduous solid bony processes that arise from the frontal bone on the head of an animal of the deer family.”  Antler Place was named consistent with the forest theme.  The forest theme, as we have discussed, was a popular one in suburban development, it is tied closely to the Picturesque, which inspired modern suburban development.

These are antlers

The land that Antler Place occupies was once part of Albert E. Gunther’s farm.  In 1905, Gunther sold the farm to a real estate consortium headed by three prominent New Rochelleans: Winfield S Spencer, J. Addison Young, William W. Bissell.  Spencer was the New Rochelle postmaster (also involved in developing Pine Park — see Acorn Lane); Young was the district attorney for Westchester County, and eventually an appellate judge for New York State; Bissell was the president of the New Rochelle Trust Company (all of them were board members).

Forest Heights was advertised as the “most select” neighborhood in New Rochelle and it was promised that the value of the lots “will soon double in value.”  The land was described as a part of the “highest ridge” in the city, and “free from malaria and free from all annoyances and nuisances.”

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