07.Oct.2017 Amanda Lane

Amanda Lane is sandwiched between Pine Brook Boulevard and the point where Oxford Road turns sharply north and becomes Sussex Road.  Amanda Lane  appears named after what I suspect is the daughter of one of the original owners.  Her name is Amanda.  (I tried, unsuccessfully, to get in touch with this person, so I decline to disclose her last name).

2013 Aerial Map

The main contours of development around Amanda Lane were primarily driven by Wykagyl Country Club to the northwest and Pine Brook Boulevard to the east.  In 1904, a group of golf’s early-adopters established Wykagyl Country Club at its present location, which in turn spurred the development of the land around the country club, including a large development to the south named Wykagyl Estates, which includes the land that Amanda Lane now occupies.  The streets in the earliest maps of Wykagyl Estates went not further than the eastern end of the golf course.

In the 1920s, Pine Brook Boulevard was built, providing additional definition to the area surrounding the eastern boundary of Wykagyl.

Note planned streets Overlook Road and Pine Brook Road, never constructed

The final pieces fell into place when the Wards sold the chunk of land south of Quaker Ridge Road and east of Wykagyl, which now is the location for Albert Leonard Middle School.

By the 1960s, Sussex Road and Oxford Road were connected.  Following this fortuitous connection — this Golden Spike of the North End, if you will — Amanda Lane was developed in the mid-1970s.  Some records suggest that this development was contemplated variously as Sussex Woods or Oxford Woods.  I carefully researched the relevant corporate entities and found no relation to anyone named Amanda.    I then searched a website listing graduates of New Rochelle High School for all Amandas and found a few.  One shared the same last name of one of the original homeowners (which I had noted in trying to figure out the developer through land records).  So my guess is that an original home owner was probably friends with the developer and had a young child at the time, named Amanda.

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