16.Sep.2017 Alpine Road

The suffix, “-ine,” is used to denote “of or pertaining to” or “of the nature of.”  Thus, “-ine” attached to “Alps” would mean “Alp-like.”  The Alps are, of course, the European mountain range.  There are a few guesses as to the etymology of the name, “Alps.” One is that it derives from the pre-Indo-European word, “alb,” which means “hill.”  Compare favorably “Albany,” and “Albania.”  Others suggest that “alb” derives from the Latin, “albus.”  In any event, “alpine” usually means, pertaining to high mountains generally.

Alpine Road is in the Highland Park neighborhood of New Rochelle.  As noted previously, the street names in Highland Park all relate to the Scottish Highlands.  The word “alpine” certainly fits into this schema.  But even more specifically, a group of mountains in the Scottish Highlands are known as the “Arrochar Alps.”  Its possible that J.A.S. Gregg, the developer, had these mountains in mind when Alpine Road was named.

Alpine Road is one of the later streets laid out in Highland Park.  The earliest maps of Highland Park (e.g. the 1893 Julius Bien atlas) only depict Aberfoyle (to the north) and Inverness (to the south).  But by 1901, the road appears on the Westchester Atlas (unnamed).

1901 Westchester Atlas (Plate 27, inset)

And by 1910, it is listed as Alpine Road.

1910 Westchester Atlas


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