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Irons; Flat Irons; Electric Irons; Steam Irons:  Nested concepts.  One: Irons are devices that use heat to mold a fabric into a certain shape.  Two: Flat irons are irons heated by an external source (e.g. a stove) and are used to press fabric.  Three: Electric irons are similar to flat irons, but instead of being heated by an external source, heat is generated by electricity.  Four: Steam irons are electric irons that emit steam from the iron surface.

Flat Irons (Disambiguation):  Some use the term “flat iron” to also refer to an implement for straightening hair.  DR nomenclature recommendation: refer to flat irons for hair as straightening irons.

Smoothing Versus Wrinkling: Most sources agree that the wrinkle is the sworn enemy of the iron. This enmity is unwarranted. Some irons actually create wrinkles. See the goffering iron. Goffering irons were used to form the frills on Elizabethan ruffs.  Also known as the Italian iron. Also known as the tally iron. See also waffle irons (creating wrinkles in heated batter).

Early Streamlined Designs:   During the early 1930s, sleek, streamlined designs started to seep into the marketplace.  An ad for one of the earliest (if not earliest?) streamlined models (designed by Frank Lloyd Wright collaborator Alfonso Iannelli) states,  “‘Beautiful utility has universal appeal.  People desire that which is useful and pleasing.’ AND, the very utilitarian electric iron proves it.  It sheds its Cinderalla garb…takes a beauty treatment…and steps out to win housewives and sales.”

Flatwork Ironers: Industrial ironers.  “If you need to solve problems with washing and drying of big amount of towels, blankets, bathrobes and mops, you are at the right address.”

Iron Drop Testers:  “[T]o check the mechanical strength of electric irons by repeated drop.”  For a demonstration see.


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