06.Jan.2014 2014 and beyond


Wow, so DR really ended 2013 on a high note.  Not only did we put the finishing touches on Volume 11, we got a legit rep from the Atlantic Cities.  We are incredibly honored and excited by this post.

But with Volume 11 in the can, we look expectantly toward Volume 12.  We are now officially accepting submissions.  It will likely be related to the built environment (or in DR parlance, related to New Pioneering).  Deadline for submissions is April 1st.  Get in touch!  (dairyriver [at] gmail.com)

Related to New Pioneers, we’re also revisiting the Handbook for New Pioneers.  For those who are not familiar with the Handbook, we envision it to be a reference for identifying streetlights and classifying outlet malls, among many other things.  Collaborators wanted.

In the meantime, check back regularly for Goods & Services entries.  Next one up is: “{Indicate type of testers, e.g., voltage, amperage, telephone lines, continuity} testers.”  Probably will be posted next weekend.

Happy New Year!

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