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16.Dec.2013 Volume 11 is here!

I’m very excited to announce that DR Volume 11 (SOUNDS) is now done!  Read it here or download here.  In a DR first, we’re actually uploading the print version first — I’ll add the electronic version (all linked and stuff) over the next couple of days.  THANKS go out to all of the contributors: Tammy […]

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05.Oct.2013 11DR3: Marc Carver

Here is a gem for you Ladies please or one legged men’s I walked through the big crowd of people into the toilets I looked around for a urinal suddenly realized there were no urinals. I turned around quick and walked out kept my head down and walked into the gents. It has been so […]

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28.Sep.2013 11DR: SOUNDS

  John Tyndall (1820-1893), British physicist who made numerous contributions to the advancement of science, including acoustics.  He was particularly motivated by problems with foghorns.

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16.Sep.2013 11DR2 — Five Rupee Poem by Tammy T. Stone

A tree is being cut Down Beside me, Loudly. It falls. The heartfelt Laughter Of the men Cutting it down, Though, Roars with the Giving of life Back to Itself.  

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15.Jun.2013 11DR1: Zachary Scott Hamilton

Zachary Scott Hamilton is an artist/writer slash writer/artist slash musician based out of Portland, OR.  See also.

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