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12.May.2016 Volume 12

Forget what I said about the new cover previously, this is definitely the new cover of Volume 12.  Very close to finally being finished.

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12.Sep.2015 Reading Period

A couple of things are percolating.  Volume 12 will be released eventually — I suspect though before the New Year.  Also, July 2016 will mark DR’s 10 year anniversary.  Plan on MAJOR CELEBRATIONS.

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28.Nov.2014 Volume 12

SIGNS turned out to be an extraordinarily dense and challenging subject. Volume 12 is still happening. Just taking a little longer than expected. asw

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15.May.2014 Volume 12: Signs

The first deadline for Volume 12 (“Signs”) submissions is here.  You know what that means: it is time to start work in earnest.  For my part, I’ve been deep in research.  If you’re interested in contributing, get in touch.  But soon!  

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06.Jan.2014 2014 and beyond

Wow, so DR really ended 2013 on a high note.  Not only did we put the finishing touches on Volume 11, we got a legit rep from the Atlantic Cities.  We are incredibly honored and excited by this post. But with Volume 11 in the can, we look expectantly toward Volume 12.  We are now officially […]

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16.Dec.2013 Volume 11 is here!

I’m very excited to announce that DR Volume 11 (SOUNDS) is now done!  Read it here or download here.  In a DR first, we’re actually uploading the print version first — I’ll add the electronic version (all linked and stuff) over the next couple of days.  THANKS go out to all of the contributors: Tammy […]

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09.Dec.2013 Update

Why hello. Volume 11:  SOUNDS.  This is themed to correspond with related content from the Wizzerds.  Their premiere is tonight, I’m lagging just a bit.  If everything goes according to plan it’ll be done by next weekend.  Submissions include articles about a 1962 Paul Anka documentary, a deep analysis of sampling, foghorns, dubbing, some poems, […]

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08.Jun.2013 Volume 10 Print Edition Is Now!

Whoa!  First ever print edition Dairy River!  Find it here!  Shout outs to all of the contributors (in order of appearance, L to R): Andrew Wasson, Douglas Bennett, Matt Diamond, Steve Wright, Loren Kantor, Marc Carver, Ari Berenbaum, John Crouch, Jordan Haywood, and Kellen Smith. ALSO — DR will be at the Scranton Zine Fest, June […]

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20.May.2013 Miscellaneous news

Takery has been stuck in the stock room at a Tim Hortons in Mississauga, Ontario for the last couple days and he asked me to provide a quick update with some awesome news: (1) Consistent with being a real thing, DR will be tabling at the Scranton Zine Fest on June 8th.  We’ll probably have […]

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