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16.Feb.2015 A Stalwart of the New Frontier

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25.Jan.2015 An Outlet Mall Typology

“The term factory outlet refers to stores in which manufacturers sell their goods directly to consumers, thereby saving the costs of distribution and retailing, some portion of which they pass on to consumers in the form of discounted prices.”   Marianne Conroy, Discount Dreams: Factory Outlet Malls, Consumption, and the Performance of Middle-Class Identify, 54 Social Text 63 […]

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06.Mar.2014 #SochiProblems as Glitch

One remarkable thing about #SochiProblems was the extent that it focused on goods and services and the built environment.  Recall that many of the pictures that ran rampant were of toilets, curtain rods, coat racks.  Showers and elevator buttons were there too.  It was almost like when Gum, Soda, Popcorn, and Candy all go to […]

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09.Feb.2014 Handbook: Industrial Parks; see also Mythologies

The mythologies of wine have been well-studied.  Barthes observed that “wine supports a varied mythology which does not trouble about contradictions.”   And while well varied and potentially contradicting, the myths in which wine are steeped are decidedly pastoral.  It “is the sap of the sun and the earth.”  So much so that wine channels […]

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26.Jan.2011 Another clue

Trying to track down online footage of “30 West,” I stumbled upon a 2003 entry in the HOUSE cyclopaedia that actually defines New Pioneers: “New Pioneers, the” Traditionally, pioneers have heeded the call of manifest destiny, moving west to settle the untamed lands of our new country. New Pioneers however do not have to tame […]

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