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11.Aug.2012 New barkeries, old barkers

After a long discussion with one longtime DR contributor and collaborator slash blood relation, Takery started to get excited about Dairy River again.  Thus extending the normal cycle things.  There will be some changes though.  We determined that the system of volumes is obsolete, archaic beyond even its own merits of archaicness.  We have a […]

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12.Feb.2012 Addendum

Interesting article in the Times, forwarded to me by a regular DR contributor.  Note of course the reference to Pizza Hut. Also, Takery sent me this earlier today.

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20.Nov.2011 Real people doing real things

We’re looking forward to our next volume, which we anticipate publishing on or around December 15.  We’ve received some great submissions, so we’re excited about enlarging the DR family. Also, file under people doing real things: (1) Lucas Blalock’s show xyz at Ramiken Crucible in NYC runs until December 23.  It is truly awesome.  Make […]

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02.Oct.2011 Streetlight ads

I recently sifted through some archived volumes of Street and Highway Lighting (1957-1963) as a part of the research project on cobrahead streetlights.   I found a number of great ads, which I uploaded to the Handbook. There have been several erroneous reports that Dairy River is a dairy.  Consider these rumors dispelled. Also, we’ve been […]

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10.Sep.2011 Dairy River Vol. 9

Takery here.  We recognize that it has been quite some time since we published an issue.  We’re OK with that.  We went on a tacit hiatus to recharge our creative batteries.  DR cannot be stopped though.  Regardless of how tacit we were able to make our hiatus, DR just keeps rumbling back.  All across this […]

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26.Feb.2011 Handbook Status Check

OK, where are we on the Handbook? Moving forward, making progress.  I’ve been stalled somewhat by the cold weather, because I want to get outside to take some streetlight glamor shots but traipsing around all day in the cold is not going to happen.   I also am intrigued by the idea of finding out the […]

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14.Feb.2011 Luminaires et al.

City Lights by Jakle arrived a few days ago and I’m clipping through it.  A very good introduction and overview to lighting technology, especially early lighting technology.  The thesis seems to be that streetlight engineering has been co-opted by the automobile establishment at the expense of Place (i.e. the unique sense of place that varied […]

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06.Feb.2011 Advanced Superbowl Metrics II

Here are the experts’ predictions: Parameter DSB WTA ASW * Actual Score at 5 minutes to play in the first half Steelers 10 Packers 14 Steelers 3 Packers 0 Steelers 10 Packers 10 Steelers 10 Packers 3 Color of the punters shoes Steelers Black Packers Green Steelers White Packers Pink Steelers Black Packers Black Steelers […]

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Advanced Superbowl Metrics

Taking a break from developing an intensive taxonomy of our built environment and trying to understand its place in early post-modern thought, we turn to the Superbowl.  For our entertainment we developed a set of advanced superbowl metrics.  Feel free to add your own and/or play along. UPDATED Score at 5 minutes to play in […]

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02.Feb.2011 New Pioneer Book Club

Introducing the New Pioneer Book Club. The first selection is John Jakle’s City Lights: Illuminating the American Night. I urge everyone to secure copies and let’s discuss. It appears that it provides a good history of streetlights and draws conclusions about how this technology changed the shape of cities. February 1st is the halfway mark […]

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