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14.Nov.2017 Andrea Court

Andrea Court is a short cul-de-sac in the Bonnie Crest neighborhood of New Rochelle.  It is named after Andrea Syracuse-Silverstein, the daughter of one of the developers, Richard M. Syracuse. The land that now occupies Andrea Court appears to have been just on the other side of the New York Westchester & Boston train tracks […]

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09.Sep.2016 Volume 12

Dairy River Vol. 12 is now available!    

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23.Mar.2016 Sunroof

Label scars — signs as an absence of sign.  [Auto] Sunroof.

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15.Feb.2016 Volume 12

According to our Archives, Volume 11 was released in December 2013.  Almost immediately, it was decided that we would devote the next Volume to SIGNS.  Since then, there has been a long and arduous march to this next edition.  And it’s still not ready.  But, I have committed to a cover.

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15.May.2015 Prelude to Infinite Semiosis (No. 2)

                      Prelude to Infinite Semiosis (No. 2) Icon, index, and symbol New Rochelle, NY Not far from the Sound

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17.May.2014 Marc Carver — NOT HERE

As i sat in the town centre square thinking about another opportunity missed some students came and sat opposite me They seemed to be waiting for someone. Ten minutes later the beggar came down the street and the students got excited. Two of them went over to him and he gave them something and they […]

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30.Jan.2014 Updates

Print DR Vol. 11 editions are here!  If I promised you one a really long time ago, they will be departing for their destinations shortly.  If I have not (and you want one), let me know. Starting to get excited about Vol. 12.  More likely than not, it will be titled…big drumroll please…SIGNS.  If you […]

24.Jan.2014 Mac Funny by Marc Carver

As I sit in Macdonald’s for the third time this week I notice an old Indian woman looking at me. She has no food and all she does is look over at me then begin to laugh. I look a few times to make sure she is looking at me. She is There was a […]

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09.Mar.2013 Untitled 1 by Matt Diamond

“It’s pronounced bo-bob, like ‘bow’ in ‘bow and arrow’ and then ‘bob.’ Bobob. Do you follow?” Bobob Erickson tapped a wrinkled finger against the pleat of his starched pants. The ash-gray fabric was distractingly dull, which seemed to J an inexplicable paradox. The room smelled faintly of sausage. “I’m Bobob. Get it? Bobob. Me Bobob.” […]

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02.Mar.2013 File under Great Roofs of America

Stumbled on this Great Roof last weekend.  Aspen Hill Public Library, Aspen Hill, Maryland (John Henry  Sullivan, Jr., architect), 1967.  Note two-tiered roof with broad lower tier and steep upper tier. Sullivan (not to be confused with the OTHER John Sullivan, Jr. architect of same era) seems to have designed a number of interesting modern […]

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